Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thriftin' at a Retial Cost

The other day, in between classes, I decided to stop on by a neighborhood Goodwill. Hadn't been there in a while; figured it was decent way to kill time, and maybe snatch up a treasure or two. So I walk into store, do a quick walkarond, decide to make a beeline for the purses (#1 purchase in my book - you can never have too many!). The selection wasn't anything to rave about until I saw this....

Friends, feast your eyes on this faux croc, pvc-constructed, Target brand work bag. Mind you Target produces quality items, I've certianly never had a problem. In fact this very same bag sells in store for an affordable $34.98. So, what's it doing in a thrift store for a mere $9 less? The bag is not new, but I'd give it an 8.5/10 - as in the oringinal owner didn't carry this tote very long. That still doesn't justify the price. Remember the bag now sits in a thrift store. This no-name bag, honestly, shouldn't exeed the $10-12 range.  

Sadly, this is becoming an all too familar sight, but thriftstores have been (much like everyone else) rising the cost of merchandise over the past few years. And for those who haven't been paying attention, no the changes haven't been gradual (well, not to me). When I first started thrifting (Mom would take me, I hated it) short sleeve shirts were $2.50, sleeveless ran for $1.99 and long sleeve never topped $4.00. Now, at every Goodwill I visit, shirts, regardless of sleeve length, run for $4.49 or more. Needless to say, thrifting nowadays can easily get out of hand if you don't have a set budget. It's not uncommon for me to drop $50-60 per trip (compared to $25-40 for the same amount of merchandise a few years back). Sure I find amazing deals, but those trips add up. Quick.

Now, I find myself exercising much more scrutiny when selecting which pieces even make it in my basket. Anything that's not absolutely special or a wardrobe staple, at one point would at least see the light of a dressing room; now not so much. Addtionally, I rely on coupons and store specials/discounts like never before! The Savalation Army in my neck of the woods has a great ongoing discount of 25% every Wednesday, regardless of what you get. Again, that adds up. Still, anything that doesn't wow me just doesn't go home with me anymore. 

How are you dealing with the rising costs of thrifting? How do you get around it? Got any tricks up your sleeve? 

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