Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fashion: No Rake Needed

Striped Blue Cardigan - Thrifted - $8 | Old Navy White Dress - $11 | American Eagle Brown Boots - Plato's Closet - $20
Coach Willis Cross-body Bad - Thrifted - $22

Mmkay, it's been Fall for a hot minute now, but the beauty that is fall is just now starting to show itself. So, like any other perfectly sane person, I decided to have a full on photo-shoot (with my Dad as the begrudged photographer) in the middle of a picture perfect, yet random, neighborhood. I played with leaves, kicked them onto the street, and even did a few twirls. Sure there were kids who looked at me funny, probably a good number of disapproving parents (including my Dad). It's okay though - I still my pictures, and my twirl. 

Mind you, Dad and I were on our way home from the store. I begged him to stop. He said no. I begged him to stop. He said no. I told him my blog depended on it and that it was the MOST important thing in my life. He pulls over. Aaah, the perils of Fatherhood. 

Additionally, I spent a combined 6 hours in the kitchen today. Whipped up some fan-tab-u-lous dishes, and dutifully ate the majority of each and every one. Recipes and photos can be found my Food page. By all means, stop by, provide feedback, give credit to the uh-mazing inspirations from whence the food comes, and of course enjoy!

Now onto the outfit: Please note, I literally got dressed in 5 minutes, and this ensemble aided in me running errands, a quick trip to the thrift store, making a mess in the kitchen and even the hassle of having to clean everything up afterwards. Sounds like a winner to me babe! 

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